Animated Scene (Oil Field) 2007

The first of Gerrard’s works to feature oil derricks, Animated Scene (Oil Field) depicts on two channels a pair of neighbouring derricks in a field of such apparatuses, all of which face westward. The work follows the dominant pattern of unfolding in a yearly orbital cycle, with accurate light and movements of the sun and stars, as the pumps ceaselessly bob and draw.

Curiously, the weather, which is overcast and seemingly pregnant with change, is in fact static, emphasizing the particular relationship to portraiture and photography that the artist is cultivating. (AO)

Producer: Werner Poetzelberger
Programmers: Helmut Bressler, Matthias Strohmaier
Modeller: Daniel Fellsner
Presentation design / Corian fabrication: Jakob Illera / Inseq, Vienna

Installed at: John Gerrard Studio, Vienna, Austria
on two artist–designed ‘artbox’ monitors


photograph by the artist