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Pulp Press (Kistefos) 2013

Simulation, pavillion, storage elements

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Pulp Press (Kistefos) 2013 is situated in the grounds of the Kistefos-Museet Sculpture Park, the site of a 19th century paper mill in Jevnaker, an hour north of Oslo, Norway. 


The work consists of a large projected moving simulation of the an original paper press, housed in a 100m2 poured concrete pavilion. The pavilion sits along the edge of the river Rands which powers the work by hydro-electrics – the same river which gave rise to the original factory in 1889.


Pulp Press (Kistefos) 2013 is a hyper-realistic portrait of the original machine, (which was decommissioned in 1950), painstakingly remade as a virtual form. Importantly, it has been renovated within the virtual to function once more. Pipes have been replaced, valves sourced, missing components researched by the production team for over a year and recreated in simulacra. The press now generates bales of virtual paper pulp, each structurally unique and preserved as data in an ever-expanding store of hard drives housed sculpturally within the work. 


Robin Mackay of Urbanomic describes the project:  'A ‘virtual double’ of now-dormant machinery suggests an examination of the discontinuity between industrial and post-industrial modes of production; but more importantly insists upon a more fundamental continuity, emphasizing that today’s ‘information economy’ remains reliant on material means and has material consequences'

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John Gerrard

Pulp Press (Kistefos) 2013


Production Credits

Producer: Werner Poetzelberger, Programmer: Helmut Bressler
Technical Design: Jakob Illera / Inseq Design
Technical Production: Jakob Illera, Katharina Stoellner
System Programming: Matthias Strohmaier


3D Model Pulp Press: arx anima, Vienna

3D Model Management and Production: Martin Hebestreit, Kris Staber

3D Model Lead Artist: Martin Hebestreit, 3D Modelling: Martin Hebestreit, Jonathan Loosli, Konstantin Plachner, Mason Doran, 3D Model Texturing: Daniel Boesze, Martin Hebestreit, Jonathan Loosli, Konstantin Plachner, Andreas Siboni, 3D Model Baking: Martin HebestreitI, 3D Model Preproduction, Photography: Martin Hebestreit, Benedikt Lutz, Kris Staber 


Paper Pulp Simulation: drahtwarenhandlung film & animation, Vienna 

Paper Pulp Modelling (Simulation), Producer: Michael Landsiedl, Niki Popper

Paper Pulp Simulation, Programming: Martin Bicher, Philipp Pichler

Paper Pulp Micro Photography: Helmuth Michelbach


Architects for Pavillion : A2, Dublin. Architectural Project Team: Peter Carroll, Caomhan Murphy, Joan McElligott, David McInerney, Abel Munoz


Production (for Thomas Dane Gallery) Martine d'Anglejan-Chatillon, Tom Dingle


Credits / Photos
Photography: Jiri Havran, courtesy of John Gerrard and Kistefos Museet

Pulp Press (Kistefos) 2013


Working Drawing for Kistefos Commission