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Live Fire Exercise (Djibouti) 2011

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As with the other works in the Exercise series, Live Fire Exercise has been developed from a single image: a photograph from what is known as a 'live fire exercise' by the US Military, or an exercise using explosives. The photograph was sourced on the US military media interface site Defence Video and Image Distribution System:

In the work a single explosion occurs each afternoon - producing a form which is held sculpturally until burning out in twenty five minutes - the time of the original performance. 

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Production Credits
Werner Poetzelberger : Producer
Helmut Bressler : Programmer
Matthias Strohmaier : Programmer
Martin Hebestreit - Vehicle / Landscape Modeller
Ulrich Radhuber - Vehicle / Landscape Modeller
Christoph Staber - Lead Vehicle Animator
Patrick Zeymer - Vehicle Animator
Jakob Illera Inseq - Object fabrication 

Live Fire Exercise (Djibouti) 2011


Live Fire Exercise (Djibouti) 2011
Kunsthalle Darmstadt

A survey of the Exercise series - including Exercise (Djibouti) 2011 as object. 


Live Fire Exercise (Djibouti) 2011