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Flag (Thames) 2016

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Installed at Shanghai Biennial 2016

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Flag (Thames), 2016 simulates a segment of the Thames River near the Palace of Westminster. It is an algorithmic representation. The river colours are digitally recreated, alongside buildings and trees on the riverbanks present as reflections. At the centre of the scene, a gasoline spill is simulated – accurately refracting the light to create a vivid prismatic field, endlessly shifting shape over time. The viewpoint circles this form while the work unfolds over a 365 day solar cycle of night and day. The soft undulation of the waves animates the scene, giving rise to the title of the work. Flag (Thames) 2016 is the companion of Flag (Hudson) 2015, which portrays a small section of the Hudson River near the Chelsea piers in Manhattan.

Installed at Shanghai Biennial 2016 as a frameless rear projection. 

Curated by Raqs Media Collective. 


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Artwork Producer : Werner Poetzelberger

Programmer: Helmut Bressler

Installation Development: Jakob Illera 

Game Engine: Unigine

Flag (Thames) 2016

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