Flag (Thames) 2016

Flag (Thames), 2016 portrays a segment of the Thames River near the Palace of Westminster.
The river colours are digitally recreated, alongside buildings and trees on the riverbanks present as reflections.

At the centre of the scene, a gasoline spill is simulated – accurately refracting the light to create a vivid prismatic field, endlessly shifting shape over time. The viewpoint circles this form while the work unfolds over a 365 day solar cycle of night and day. The soft undulation of the waves animates the scene, giving rise to the title of the work.

Producer : Werner Poetzelberger
Programmer: Helmut Bressler
Installation Development: Jakob Illera 
Game Engine: Unigine


Flag at Shanghai Biennial, 2016

11 November 2016 – 12 March 2017
Why Not Ask Again? Arguments, Counter-arguments and Stories
The 11th Shanghai Biennale, China
Group exhibition
Curated by Raqs Media Collective
Installed as a frameless rear projection



'Planet 9' at Kunsthalle Darmstadt

Kunsthalle Darmstadt
Steubenplatz 1, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

'Planet 9' is a cluster out of exhibitions, performances, interventions, screenings, readings, talks and more – continuously appearing different like an emerging planetary system.

Contributing artists:
Waref Abu Quba, Nazgol Ansarinia, Ulrich Becker, Willarson Brandt & José Montealegre, Cao Fei, Raphael Danke, Nathalie Daoust, Katja Eckert, John Gerrard, Lauren Gregory, Helga Griffiths, Mila Hundertmark, Emre Hüner, Franziska Koop, Rosilene Luduvico, Basir Mahmood, Eoin Mc Hugh, Radenko Milak, Klaus Mosettig, Juan Osorno, Nira Pereg, Pure Fyction-Kollektiv, TextaQueen, Vera Röhm, Roy Samaha, Regina Silveira, Xu Yong & Zi U

Opening: May 28, 2017 | 17:00

'Marching in Circles'

Curated by Robin Peckham

Flag (Hudson) 2015 and Flag (Thames) 2016 at Long March Space, Beijing 2017
Long March Space is pleased to announce its first exhibition of 2017 in the Year of the Rooster, “Marching in Circles”, curated by Robin Peckham. Featuring new work by Asian Dope Boys, COME INSIDE (Mak Ying-tung & Wong Ka-ying), Gao Ludi, John Gerrard, Liu Wei, Maria Taniguchi, Matt Hope, Mountain River Jump! (Huang Shan & Huang He), Yu Honglei, Zhang Xinjun, Zhao Gang, with a curated book stand by Closing Ceremony, the exhibition looks to offer an imagined alternative to the rapidly increasing consumerist culture that exists in the (art) world where the members of the global (art) economy, in one way or another, can be seen as culprits.


John Gerrard at The 11th Shanghai Biennale

Why Not Ask Again? Arguments, Counter-arguments and Stories

Curated by Raqs Media Collective
Flag (Thames) 2016 is included at Power Station of Art; 
Artists for the Thematic Exhibition include:
Agan Harahap, Aki Sasamoto, Anawana Haloba, Ayesha Jatoi, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde & Salome Asega, Azadeh Akhlaghi, Bahar Behbahani, Bianca Baldi, Cell Art Group, Chen Zhe, Christian Bumbarra Thompson, Christine Sun Kim, Desire Machine Collective, Etel Adnan, Fabrice Monteiro, Farzana Ahmed Urmi, Forensic Oceanography, Gagandeep Singh, Georges Adéagbo, Graham Harwood/YoHa, Ha Bik Chuen, Hao Jingban, Heidi Voet, Hu Xiangqian, István Zsíros, Jagdeep Raina, Jefferson Pinder, John Gerrard, Karl Max, Kendell Geers, Khaled Barakeh, Lantian Xie, Lee Mingwei, Zubtsova, Liao Fei, CANTONBON, Lin Ke, Phuong Linh Nguyen, Lisa Tan, Liu Wei, Liu Yujia, Lu Pingyuan, Ma Haijiao, Mao Chenyu, Marina Androsovich, Matts Leiderstam, Moinak Biswas, Müge Yilmaz, Nabuqi, Navjot Altaf, Nicholas Wells, Nikolaus Hirsch/Michel Müller, Olivier de Sagazan, Olu Oguibe, Patty Chang, Peter Piller, Rabin Mondal, Radical Space, Rafiqul Shuvo, Rheim Alkadhi, Robin Meier, Ross Manning, Sammy Baloji, Sener Özmen, Simone Fattal, Sofya Staune, Sohrab Hura, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, SUPERFLEX, Surabhi Sharma & Tejaswini Niranjana, Susanne Kriemann, Takashi Arai, Tao Hui, Taus Makhacheva, Theo Eshetu, Tomás Saraceno, Verina Gfader, Vinu V.V., Vishal K. Dar, Wang Gongxin, Wang Haichuan, Yang Zhenzhong, Yazan Khalili, Yin Yi, Yu Ji, Zheng Bo, Zheng Chongbin and Zhou Zixi.
Full details are here; http://www.biennialfoundation.org/2016/09/shanghai_biennale/

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