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Burning Oil Fields (near Abadan, Iran) 2013

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In Infinite Freedom Exercise (near Abadan, Iran) 2011, a virtual camera circles the dusty seaside landscape in southern Iran, recording a figure dressed in non-nationalized army fatigues. This actor performatively mimics the prescribed gestures of mortar release in an evolving sequence. Burning Oil Fields joined the work in 2013 and represents these fires. 

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Credits / Production
Producer : Werner Poetzelberger
Programmers : Helmut Bressler,
Lead modeller / texturing (environment): Martin Hebestreit
Modeller / texturing (environment ): Benno Verschueren, Mason Doran

Credits / Installation
Technical Installation Design : Jakob Illera / Inseq PD

Credits / Photos
Install at Darmstadt Kunsthalle

Burning Oil Fields (near Abadan, Iran) 2013


Exercise at Borusan


Burning Oil Fields (near Abadan, Iran) 2013 at Borusan, Istanbul. 

Artist frame. 


John Gerrard, Exercise
Simon Preston Gallery

Burning Oil Fields at Simon Preston Gallery. 

Exercise at Borusan

John Gerrard, Exercise