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Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) 2015

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Installed at Thomas Dane Gallery, London. 
February 6 2015 - March 21 2015

In early 2014, following his denial of access by Google Inc, John Gerrard hired a helicopter and produced a detailed photographic survey of one the key physical sites of the internet - a Google data server building in Oklahoma, also known as a ‘data farm’. This survey was the starting point of his new work entitled Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma), 2015. It features a simulated ‘twin’ of the squat building flanked by diesel generators and powerful cooling towers. The work extends Gerrard’s ‘Grow Finish Unit’ series, which focuses on architecturally similar, computer-controlled park production units in the Midwestern USA.

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Artwork Producer : Werner Poetzelberger

Programmer: Helmut Bressler

3D Modeler: Max Loegler

Project Photographer: Travis Hall

Installation Development: Jakob Illera 

Game Engine: Unigine

Credits / Photos
Photographer : Richard Ivey

Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) 2015


Farm and Sow Farm
Witte de With, Rotterdam

Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma) 2015
& Sow Farm (near Libbey, Oklahoma) 2009
at Witte de With, Rotterdam / Art In The Age Of...Planetary Computation

20/05/2015 – 23/08/2015

(foreground : Nina Canell)


Farm and Sow Farm


A helicopter survey of the Google Data Farm at Pryor Creek, Oklahoma. 
Photographer : Blake Gowriluk